Authentify®, a new way to verify your identity

Use Authentify® together with your financial institution to verify your identity with convenience, comfort and control.

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Why use Authentify®
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Get things done online

Reduce errors associated with filling out forms – no nicknames or typos, just information from the financial institution you trust.

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Stay in control

Authentify® shares information with the companies you want, and only when you say it’s okay. Your banking credentials are never shared with Authentify® or other companies.

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Have peace of mind

You can count on your financial institution to quickly help you verify your identity to show you are who you say you are.

Authentify® is a fast, safe and easy way to verify your identity and access services online.

Authentify® was developed in cooperation with some of the nation’s largest financial institutions to help you get things done online quickly with the companies you choose. As Authentify® continues to evolve, we will expand to include additional financial institutions and companies to participate in the service.

Participating financial institutions include:
Participating banks

Participating companies include:
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Authentify®?

Need to verify your identity before signing documents or enrolling to get online access with a business? Authentify® makes it easy to prove you are “you” by enabling your financial institution to share key information it already has on file about you with the companies you choose.

Is Authentify® safe to use?

Authentify® was built with your privacy and security in mind. Your financial institution uses strong security protocols to prevent your information from being identified, accessed or misused when data is passed to Authentify®.

Your banking credentials are never shared with Authentify® or other companies.

How is my financial institution involved?

Using Authentify®  together with your financial institution puts you in control of the information you share and who you share it with online. It’s built into the mobile banking app or online banking experience of participating financial institutions and allows you to verify your identity.