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The end user authentication market space is being subjected to a "perfect storm". The rapid push of the Internet into the developing economies is fueling a rapid increase growth in global e-commerce. These developments in turn are fueling the relentless campaign of cybercriminal exploits against end user accounts and businesses.

One by one, less robust authentication technologies relying on strengthening the use of usernames and passwords have been compromised. Something better is needed. That something is Authentify xFA.

For an enterprise who recognizes that the simple username and password system for accessing wired properties is broken, but must still have user friendly security, Authentify xFA's cloud-based solution is the only one to offer the strength of digital certificates coupled to a voice biometric delivered in an elegantly simple mobile app.

Authentify xFA:

  • Eliminates the need to type passwords
  • Offers an authentication process users will love
  • Defeats keystroke loggers and other threats
  • Delivers the strength of PKI and biometrics minus the administration and cost

Instead of remembering passwords, the end user can wield a validated digital credential, tied to them by their voice biometric. The user interface is a simple to use mobile app. The Authentify xFA service that powers the app shields the end user and the Enterprise from the complexity of deploying and using digital certificates and voice biometrics.

More importantly, for user communities with users who do not have smart phones, Authentify can offer voice biometrics via standard mobile phones or landlines. The Enterprise can still deliver a more uniform and secure authentication process.