Authentify provides organizations with a crucial layer of security for any online process. The Authentify service provides automated out-of-band authentication (OOBA) that enables organizations to quickly and cost-effectively perform real-time, multi-factor user authentication during an Internet session.

Synchronizing a user's web session with an automated telephone call, Authentify makes undeniable contact with the person behind the computer while capturing transaction details for audit purposes. Ranging from basic phone/Internet session confirmation to voice biometric comparison, the Authentify process is fully customizable to match authentication requirements for any online application.

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Applications by Industry

Identity & Access Management
Financial Services
Online Education

Applications by Function 

Transaction Verification | Payee Verification
Remote User Access
Token Issuance
Password Reset
SMS Password Delivery
Telephone Data Services
Delegated Enrollment
Risk Management
e-Sign Secure
Voice Biometrics

Authentication Concepts

Multi-Factor Authentication
Two-Factor Authentication
Out-of-Band Authentication
Voice Biometric Authentication

Solution Resources 

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Application Elements
Authentify Architecture Overview
Authentify FAQ
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