Authentify's out-of-band authentication (OOBA) provides corporations with a cost-effective, user-friendly approach to identity & access management. Authentify employs a process requiring the user's synchronized exchange between the Internet and their phone to provide powerful out-of-band authentication. This convenient method of user verification will enhance security in every identity and access management scenario, as well as save valuable time and resources.

Common Authentify Applications

Enrollment. The Authentify process can verify a new user's identity and provide an audit trail of the enrollment process. Learn More about Enrollment Authentication>>>

Emergency Access. Authentify can provide temporary access by substituting for a missing or damaged credential or can restore access, verifying identity before a user can reset his password. Learn More about Emergency Access Authentication>>>

The Out-of-Band Authentication Experience

Out-of-band authentication (OOBA) employs separate communication channels, at least one of which is independently maintained and trusted to authenticate an end user. Authentify engages the user's online session and their telephone in a simultaneous exchange. Users verify their identities by demonstrating their ability to control a trusted phone; a process for providing easy access without sacrificing security.

User Diagram
1. The user starts the session selecting the number at which he or she should be called.   2. The user receives a telephone call and simply responds to the onscreen prompts over the phone. This combines multiple secure and reliable forms of authentication.   3. The user successfully completes the exchange, is authenticated, and is able to complete a secure transaction.