8 Commonly Overlooked Ways to Tighten Cybersecurity

Author: Krista Haas | Marketing Associate, Authentify
Krista Haas, Authentify Krista Haas

If someone from your company came up to you and asked you for advice on how to protect themselves and/or the company from cybercriminals, what tips would you give them? We’ve had the basic tips like “don’t reuse passwords” and “don’t use obvious passwords like 1234” drilled into our – as well as their – heads by now. The recent iCloud celebrity photo breach raised the public’s awareness of the danger in using weak passwords, or those that might be guessed based on your social media profile. While these are still very important and should always be emphasized, there are other tips you, your co-workers, friends, or family may not have heard yet. Tips that could very well save you from the hands of data-stealing hackers.

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