Think the IoT is Secure? You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

Author: Andy Rolfe | CTO, Authentify
Andy Rolfe - Authentify Andy Rolfe

Just a tip of the cap to the British metal band Judas Priest, but everyone has some things coming as the drive to populate the Internet of Things (IoT) gains speed.

As new technology is created that brings more opportunities for people to connect in different ways, there are many positive outcomes to be had - better cost-efficiency, productivity, and creative solutions to problems we didn’t even know we had.

A downside to the Internet of Things is that some things are getting wired without enough thought to authentication and access control. The smart fridge hack in early 2014 brings home a great example of the vulnerabilities of connecting to insecure networks without proper authentication. Consumers are not networking experts, and may not understand how to set up access controls correctly, which could allow hackers to break in easily.

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