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of how Authentify delivers out-of-band authentication to protect online transactions. To experience Authentify's out-of-band authentication first hand, register to interact with one of our live demos below.

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The demonstrations behind this link are for users who have downloaded the xFA App from the appropriate app store.

Interactive Telephony Demos:
The demos below will place telephone calls or send SMS text messages to your phone.

Two-Factor Authentication Login
Classic out-of-band, two-factor authentication login process. The end user logs in to their account, and is prompted to receive a telephone call to complete the login process.

Account Registration/Activation Demo
This demonstration showcases additional speech recognition capability and text to speech features permitting voice input and secure, out-of-band PIN delivery over the telephone.

Transaction Authentication Demo
EFT Verifier™ enables financial applications and payment platforms to alert legitimate account owners whenever a new payee or funds transfer destination account is added to the user's financial account.  This permits the account owner to authorize the transaction or, more importantly, cancel the transaction if they are not behind the activity themselves. Authentify's out-of-band authentication enables the phone as a security device with the ability to repeat transaction details back to the user.

Order Confirmation Demo
Authentify offers a practical solution for automatically confirming online purchases with a process that will reduce credit charge backs and fraudulent purchase attempts. This e-Commerce demonstration illustrates the Authentify solution at work for a shopping cart check-out process.

SMS (text message) delivery of one-time passwords (OTPs) sent via a mobile phone offers a familiar, fast way for end users to obtain a unique password, while adding the security of out-of-band delivery. Using a mobile phone enabled to receive text messages, the SMS demonstration will show Authentify's ability to deliver OTPs in a fast, secure manner using the one device most users closely guard and already know how to operate.

Voice Biometric Demo
By incorporating a voice channel in its authentication process, Authentify offers a practical entry into biometrics to address your authentication requirements. This voice biometric demonstration highlights speaker verification technology for obtaining a voiceprint during a remote registration process. Once the registration is complete, a user will be able to validate the authenticity of a subsequent transaction request by verifying their voice against the stored voice-print.

Password Reset Demo
Authentify's innovative solution enables organizations to automate password reset tasks while minimizing the security risk of self-service. Authentify's patented process enables real-time, multi-factor user authentication during an Internet session with no hardware, no software, and no training. The process requires only a standard Web browser and telephone line. Authentify will deliver to the user a secure one-time password over the telephone.

Education Demo
For educators and course developers who must be sure the returning online user is the same user who has been taking an online course, Authentify has the solution. Authentify is the proven leader in automated authentication services offering its clients unique solutions for validating the identity of remote online users. Using an automated phone-based process, Authentify verifies a specific user's identity using random voice samples and voice biometrics. Authentify offers the most effective way to ensure the same user is completing a course. The hosted verification process will work from any phone and no additional hardware or software is required.