Founded in 1999, Authentify, Inc. provides automated authentication services for many of the largest online business enterprises operating today. The Authentify service enables organizations to quickly and cost-effectively perform real-time, multi-factor user authentication during an Internet session. By leveraging the familiarity of the telephone networks, Authentify delivers an effective multi-factor authentication process that is practical for business and easy for end users.

Authentify's patented technology employs a message-based architecture to seamlessly integrate with existing online processes developed for e-business, secure information access, or the distribution of security credentials. By synchronizing a user’s Web session with an automated telephone call, Authentify makes undeniable contact with the person behind the computer while capturing transaction details for audit purposes.

Authentify provides end users with an intuitive authentication process that does not require additional software or training on the user’s behalf. With its multi-language compatibility using landline or mobile phones, Authentify’s service offers a truly portable authentication solution with worldwide reach.